The Ragbox is a long format graphic novel. The first three chapters were collected in trade paperback in June 2009. Created in part as an experiment in style, each chapter is illustrated by a different artist. The first three artists – Mark Hamilton, Braden D. Lamb, and Matthew Reinke, respectively – all bring a unique take to a common set of characters.

Dave Kender (writer and creator) wrote the script for The Ragbox as part of his graduate thesis from Emerson College, which is over 300 pages in its current incarnation. A second long-form comic is in the works, and the two stories will be published in tandem in multiple installments. In 2006, he created the Boston Comics Roundtable as place for artists and writers to keep themselves rooted in the comics community. Since then it has grown to over 100 members and multiple publications.

Mark Hamilton (illustrator for chapter one and cover) Mark Hamilton is an Artist/Designer living and working in the Philadelphia area. During high school, Mark collaborated almost daily with Dave Kender, a partnership which has endured to this day. He met Kim Matthews while earning a degree in Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology. They continue to design and dream together in sunny Philadelphia, amidst a plethora of Grateful Dead and Frank Zappa recordings.

Braden D. Lamb (illustrator for chapter two) was born in the Seattle area. After earning a BA in film from Bard College, he moved to the Boston area in 2006. He is the creator and artist of the ongoing pulp webcomic Kitty Hawk (www.kittyhawkcomic.com).

Matthew Reinke (illustrator for chapter three)… graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2D/Painting from UMass Dartmouth. Born in Providence, RI, he now currently resides in Boston, MA. After showing art throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island he set up in Newport selling his artwork there. After two seasons in Newport he moved to Boston and began work at Blue Fang Games. He continues to work as a freelance illustrator on the side.