The Ragbox, ch 3, p 9
February 29th, 2012

The Ragbox, ch 3, p 9

The Family Circus-like panel really floored me when I saw it the first time.

↓ Transcript
PANEL 1 Roberto walks away from us. He has turned down a different street. Up ahead, the awning above Patricio’s Bodega can be seen, bearing that title. Some cartons of fresh fruit line the walls on either side of the doorway. This is a commercial block, with apartments above all the ground floor stores. In the windows of at least two other shops are signs reading “Under New Management,” “Coming Soon: Shoetown USA” or “This Fall Look for City Coffee.” Leaning against a nearby wall, just ahead of Roberto, are a number of Mexican DAY WORKERS: short, tough-looking men dressed in denims and Stetson hats.
PANEL 2 Roberto’s POV as he walks by them. A line up of their faces, all dark and deeply creased from countless hours of working in the sun. None of them seem to make anything but the most casual glance in his direction.
PANEL 3 Close up of Roberto, averting his eyes towards the sidewalk.
PANEL 4 Roberto turns into “PATRICIO’S BODEGA.” The exterior is clearly weathered. The awning is rain-stained and battered. The plywood shelves that support the fruit cartons beside the door are grimy. There are signs indicating the price for each group of produce, but they are angled away from us.

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