The Ragbox chapter 5 now available

The Ragbox chapter 5 now available

Ragbox Ch 5

The Ragbox Ch 5: The Salon

I’m happy to announce that The Ragbox Chapter 5: The Salon, is now available online (and in stores, shortly). As with Chapter 4, this is a standalone story, so you don’t need to read the previous chapters to enjoy it. This time around, I had a chance to work with the crazy talented Line Olsson as illustrator.

The story revolves around Angel and Desiree, two hairdressers in a down-and-out salon in the neighborhood of The Ragbox. I think Line was drawn (pun intended) to a story with two female leads. Her art is so good it breaks my heart the The Ragbox is run by a strict code of a new artist for every chapter. But if I broke it, it wouldn’t be much of a code, would it?

What’s that? You want even more description to convince you that the book’s worth buying? Don’t take my word for it. Robot 6 already gave us a great review:

In the space of a few pages, Kender creates an entire world and populates it with interesting, quirky, yet very believable characters. Now I want to read the rest of the stories… (Robot 6)

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Check out this example of Line’s stunning illustration work, then hop on over to the Store section of the site and order your own copy today. If you want to support Line, you can also check out her solo work and other collaborations at

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