The Ragbox Ch 4: Meet Mr Davis

The Ragbox Ch 4: Meet Mr Davis

The Ragbox, Chapter 4, “Meet Mr. Davis,” is now available for purchase online. It’s a stand-alone story, so you don’t have to read Volume 1, which includes chapters 1-3.

Mr. Davis, a decades-long resident of The Ragbox, has witnessed a fair portion of the evolution of the neighborhood. As an active member of the community, he’s even brought some of it about with his own two hands. But he’s seen enough of life to know that this particular change isn’t in his favor. Change always means that something, or someone, is left behind.

Chapter four, Meet Mr. Davis, is a standalone mini-story, illustrated by Joel Christian Gill. It’s part of the larger arc of Dave Kender’s The Ragbox series. Fans of Mr. Davis can expect to see more of him throughout The Ragbox, an ambitious, twenty-five chapter, twenty-five artist series, chronicling the Ragbox neighborhood during this period of gentrification.

Sample page from chapter 4

A sample page from chapter 4, illustrated by Joel Christian Gill

The book sells for $4.00, with an extra dollar for shipping. I’ll be selling the book online, but you can buy it in person this weekend at MeCAF, which would be much cooler.